cycling, why?

cycling, why?

Euhm.. dude.. you just said you want to ride a bicycle to China? ....are you ok?

I tried to capture my motivation for cycling East in words to include on this webpage. It became an endless text before I even started the trip. It was full of arguments to want to cycle: it's one big physical and mental adventure that will provide personal growth, I'll get to truly taste the cultures I'll cycle through, I'll travel the world powered only by my own legs, etc. etc. It felt unnatural to put up because it wouldn't grasp a deeper alibi. Something that feels so natural shouldn't need arguments was my thinking. So I decided to leave out a 'why' page. I actually did write a post on how the collaboration with Discovery came about. But more importantly, I wrote a must-read post for anyone considering a longterm bicycle trip that indirectly answers the 'Why would you?' question.

I'm halfway my trip as I'm writing this and I decided to not share the text but a video that motivated me before I left. It captures the magical atmosphere, the state of mind, and therefore the reason of traveling by bicycle.

With thanks to the cyclist featured and the maker of the video for the inspiration.

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