Amsterdam to Singapore by bicycle

Although the plan was to cross Iran and Turkmenistan I reconsidered on my trip due to the Discovery collaboration. 'Working' for an American firm, carrying a drone and having to send micro SD's back to Holland did not seem to be the smartest set of circumstances to travel through Iran with. This is the only deviation on the route caused by the collaboration with Discovery. I wrote about other pro's and con's of the D TOUR project in this post.

To be more precise route-wise I have followed the Limes route to southern Hungary. From there I rode the last sections of the Iron Curtain trail that took me southward towards Istanbul. From Istanbul onwards I followed one of the oldest Silk routes through the center of Central Asia to China. After entering China I pretty much let go of any route planning until the morning I rode out of a major city. One gets pretty flexible on a trip like this.

Find the route I rode in the Google maps plugin below. I rode the blue lined parts on the bicycle. The green lines represent other forms of transportation.

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