it's about to go down

At the time of writing I've got 3 days to go before departure. And so the first video's appear online based off footage I shot over the past couple of months

On the one hand it's incredibly relax not to worry about having to edit the footage for D TOUR myself. On the other, it feels crazy to go onto YouTube to watch my own show. And yes, believe me, I've shot enough weird footage to make me into a complete moron on the show if my beloved editors would wanna do that (I did tell em that a slightly retarded representation of me is okay.. since it reflects.. well.. me). It was a friend of mine that notified me last week on the second video that was just uploaded.

@the English visitors of my site: I'm sorry, the show is produced for the Benelux, and will therefore be fully Dutch spoken. Perhaps YouTube's auto-translate offers a slight (often extremely funny) option to understand. AND obviously: once I pass the Dutch-German border my Dutch is useless in conversations with locals, so I'll do that in Swahili for you.

I'm happy with the first 2 video's. Thanks BRUUT Amsterdam and Discovery NL for making it awesome. I've got full confidence in our collaboration for the coming half year. Thanks for that!

As the video's came online, the media frenzy around my trip began. I was at RTL Live last Tuesday (they subtitled me as cycle-noob.. true story), tomorrow morning I'll be called by Mattie & Wietze on their morning radio show, Het Parool will publish an article coming Tuesday, NH Nieuws will broadcast an item coming Sunday at 7pm, RTV Amstelveen's item broadcasts tomorrow at 5 pm and my hometown's Amstelveenz magazine publishes an article in their April edition.

Meanwhile I can't wait to leave. I would like some ease of mind the first couple of days. Unplugging from the internet, media and other continuous information inputs. In my mind, I'm only thinking about that first morning I wake up in my tent with just a single thing to do.. cycle east.

In de RTL live studio met de fiets #vooraldehaardmaakthetzogezellig

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