books I love

books I love

I've read plenty of books over the last 5 years. I felt like remembering those I liked best by putting them up here on this diary kind of website of mine.


  • Yuval Noah Harari: Homo Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 lessons for the 21st century
  • Jeremy Rifkin: The empathic civilization, The Third Industrial Revolution, The Zero Marginal Cost Society
  • Michael Foley: The age of absurdity
  • Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, fast and slow
  • Everything by Tim Urban at
  • Hubert Dreyfus: All things shining
  • Matt Ridley: The rational optimist


  • Michel Houellebecq: The possibility of an island
  • Jonas Jonasson: The hundred year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared
  • Gabriel García Márquez: One hundred years of solitude
  • Jonathan Littell: The kindley ones

Self-help / philosophy

  • Aldous Huxley: Brave new world
  • Benjamin Hoff: The tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn: Wherever you go, there you are
  • Stephen R. Covey: The 7 habits of highly effective people
  • Eckhart Tolle: A new earth

Besides: I'm very eager to keep reading, and would love to exchange titels! It would be great to hear about your favorites!

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