I'll be sharing things I like (online)

I'll be sharing things I like (online)

A first post in the 'things I like'-tag series. Find some of my favourite online things I like in here

Like everyone that spends some time browsing, I've noticed that I get grabbed by some things online. Now this is spread across all of the web, across all kinds of platforms like news sites, video platforms and social media. Surely I can thumbs up here, archive there or build a library of links in google docs, but it is just a pain in the ass to keep a tidy overview of the things I like online. This is until it struck me I actually have my own website. It can do tags. It can therefore serve as my own library. So I'm introducing a tag 'things I like' on this website. This post is a first focussing on the things I like online. I plan to do posts on books, movies, music, series, sports and other things I like. Why? Because I like sharing it.

This library is publicly accessible. The advantage being twofold. First of all, anyone out there with a mind like mine might this way discover a whole bunch of greatness at once. Second, sharing something forces me to think of why the particular content triggers me. I'll include explanations where necessary. Third, I like sharing. It's scary sometimes. I like scary. This is post #1 of this series and can obviously not not include some links. Here is some of my current 'all time' favorites:

  • Waitbutwhy - I actually remember the moment an ex-colleague of mine recommended this around 4 years ago. I got hooked on every single post for the next year. But since each post is like a book I think I still got parts of this website unread. Tim Urban has a fantastic mind and even greater style of writing
  • Bill Wurtz on YouTube - this man is out of this world. The combination of his darn sick beats and melodies with complete seemingly irrational texts and psychedelic video's suck the viewer in. It is so unconventional and unpredictable that there is no single moment that my attention weakens. It counters all of the predictable mainstream music and video content to the extend it becomes meditative
  • @physicsfun on Instagram - a daily picture or video of items that show the miracle of physics. And in the words of the man himself: "Physics describes the real magic of the universe"
  • Felix Colgrave on YouTube - this dude creates great imaginary worlds. I just can't imagine the way this man sees the world
  • exurb1a on YouTube - Look no further if you want to deepen your existential crisis. This guy is a genius at having you appreciate life while giving you chills for actually living
  • Kurzgesagt on YouTube - the more refined version of exurb1a
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube - Super American but the best and funniest Trump comedy out there
  • Manu Delago on YouTube - I love the sound of a hang drum. It's so mystical
  • smallworldonabike on Instagram - If you enjoyed following my trip you'll probably enjoy following this cyclo-climbing couple. I met Noémie and Adam in Uzbekistan, they are the kindest and most grateful travelers I've met on my way. It's incredible they are still on the road making amazing pictures of their cycling and climbing adventures

For the Dutchies:

  • Dumpert - Having read The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin last summer, I've come to see a lot of trends and societal developments along the lines of ever increasing levels of empathy around the world. One of the funnier results of this is the rise of internet cultures, specifically those that revolve around user generated content. Dumpert is a Dutch platform on which its users upload, comment on and rate video's. One mayor factors for the success of any video is the relatability. How much empathy does the video evoke? Be it painful or either feel-good video's, relatability scores.
  • Bram in de buurt - I like awkward. This man is king of awkward.

Surely this isn't all, but it's all for now. Would love to hear about your online favorites.

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