bicycle adventure

bicycle adventure

In March 2017 I left home in Amsterdam on a bicycle. I rode 15.000km through 23 countries. In April 2018 I arrived in Singapore. It has been a journey of epic proportions that is close to impossible to describe in words. I started failing to put things into words when I tried describing the reasons for going before I left. Soon on the trip I realized that my Instagram feed or YouTube channel collaboration with Discovery Channel wouldn't even remotely be able to convey the richness of the experience.

Thus so far I've stuck to describing the route I took, the gear I brought and the most important mental challenges of bicycle touring. I think these are the most important aspects in facilitating others to go explore the world on a bicycle.

For those who are looking for sponsorships or want to start documenting their trip through video it might be relevant to read about how I got to collaborate with Discovery Channel and how I actually felt about it afterwards.

Currently I'm attempting to capture the spur of personal growth I experienced on this trip in words. Besides, I'm investigating ways to create a video product from the footage I made that captures my story and the magic of bicycle touring.

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